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With just a few exceptions, all OCS demos work in WinUAE - the most common reasons why something gurus or fails is 1) requires kick 1.2 - or even an A1000 - these demos from 86/87/88 usually hate slowmem expansions, 2) kick 1.3 is ok but still hates slowmem, and 3) too little low chipmem free, adding chipmem won't help. For this last one, remove DF1/2/3 to save ram, might even require setting the CLI to one bitplane. Running them from harddisk will also use low chipmem, if you have no slowmem or fastmem - so yes, running everything from DF0 is recommended.

Warlock's ADF archive have lots of disks already set up with the requirements for the demos, and usually work fine with kick 1.3, no slowmem - so just pop them in DF0 and add slowmem if it fails (or asks for it!)

Using these tips will reduce "demo doesn't run" headaches to the point where it's not a problem anymore.
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