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Originally Posted by mr_a500 View Post
This could be early signs of hard drive death. I too had a 40Gb drive, bought new in 2005 and it died suddenly without warning. That drive was replacement for a 10Gb drive, bought new in 2003, which died after months of clonking noises and checksum errors. Modern hard drives are absolute crap!
To be honest, I don't think that that is the problem, either The drive doesn't make strange noises, but...
Originally Posted by mr_a500 View Post
I suggest you try to back up everything, just to be sure.
... this is always good advice
Originally Posted by mr_a500 View Post
Edit: Oh, I just read that you said it happens in the same block. I vaguely recall a method for marking bad blocks so the filesystem doesn't use them, but I can't remember exact details. Maybe somebody with better memory can explain.
Hehe, I don't think the block is actually bad: After deleting some files the checksum error pops up, then after a reboot I can delete those same files, but when I try to delete more the checksum error pops up again. I think that marking the block as bad will only move the problem to another block, and, it will probably need a reformat of the partition.
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