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Very strange SFS behavior.


When I was trying to clean up the mess on one of my Amiga HD partitions (SFS), I got checksum errors while deleting files. The strange thing is that no mater which file I try to delete, it's always the same block that has the error. The weirdest part is that after a reset, the file which couldn't be deleted because of the checksum error, can now be deleted, and when I continue to delete files, the error occurs again after deleting a couple of files, and of course it's the same block it happens in Very bizarre behavior indeed.

The partition is located in the first 4GB of the drive, there don't seem to be any interfering patches and I have an A1200+'030. The maxtransfer setting for all my partitions is 0x00010000, so that can't be it. The SFS filesystem structure test program reports the partition to be okay

Could it have anything to do with the large amount of files on the partition? This only started happening after temporarily copying a large number of extra files to the partition. I don't have a clue, and I don't know what to try

Any help is appreciated
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