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Originally posted by Shatterhand

I am really curious to know how they will do certain things in 3D. How the hell are we going to use the rope now? And aiming, how is done ? Wind will be measured in 3D too? And think about how odd it will look in 3D when you see flying islands (common in Worms, and not that bad). How the flying sheep will be controlled?

Like I said, I give some credit because it's Team 17... but it's hard to believe that'll be a good game...
Like I said above it's already been done!!!!

It's called Hogs of War and is worms in 3D, but with pigs fighting it out instead and slight variations in weapons.

Have a look at the site below:

Hogs of War website

I find 2D fighters like Marvel vs Capcom infinitely more enjoyable than 3D efforts.
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