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Why is there such a hate on ToMI on this forum? Is it just because of the artwork? Because if it is, you're seriously missing out on a GREAT game if that's all you have against it. It's much better than EMI for example, and a lot more like CMI and the early MI games. It's easily among the best point'n'click adventures released in quite a long time, and is very much worthy of its name.

Judging a game by the artwork alone, which is a lot better than you think, is really narrow minded. Not to mention hypocritic, when we're a big bunch of retro-game loving nerds.

Also, SOMI: SE Guybrush look ridiculous. In ToMI, he looks great, once you're used to it. There's a lot more going on than the stills or early trailer. Animation, for example, and expressions on his face and lip sync etc, are all top notch. It's also considered the best game TellTales have made so far - and not to mention it's being made by a lot of the same people that made the originals. Even Ron Gilbert was consulted.
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