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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
About Lightwave:
LightRave or Rave, was not actually a dongle, but a program that circumvented the need for a dongle or for an actual Video Toaster to properly run lightwave by fooling it. I have that program somewhere...
Hmmm, LightRave/Rave was a real dongle. Read here (from

"1993 - LightWave 3D 3.0/3.1 LightWave was still locked to the Video Toaster with the VT4000 that came out this year, however a small company called Industrial Might and Logic catered to a growing number of people that wanted access to LightWave but didn't want to or couldn't use the Video Toaster (because they had Amiga 3000s or lived in countries that used a television system other than NTSC). IML (natch) created their own dongle (named "LightRAVE" often referred to simply as "RAVE") that emulated the presence of the Video Toaster card so that LightWave could be run on machines apart from the desktop video card."
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