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I don't like Tekken 1, Tekken 2 I think is average, Tekken 3 I think is above average, but not really that good.

I just HATE cheap fighting games. What about Paul's super punch, that takes 99/100 of his enemy energy, and it's IMPOSSIBLE to be defended? That Bruce Lee guy also has a move like that. And King has a combo that takes ALL energy from his opponent.

Why Namco always added those stupid games in their fight games? Soul Edge would be a KILLING game if it didn't had those stupid special moves.

Back to Worms

I personally have some ideas that could be added to Worms (I would like to code my own Worms clone, if I had the power to do so ) . So, in my POV, Worms can still be updated, but we DON'T NEED that (Worms is a FANTASTIC game as it stills), and even less we need 3D.

I am really curious to know how they will do certain things in 3D. How the hell are we going to use the rope now? And aiming, how is done ? Wind will be measured in 3D too? And think about how odd it will look in 3D when you see flying islands (common in Worms, and not that bad). How the flying sheep will be controlled?

Like I said, I give some credit because it's Team 17... but it's hard to believe that'll be a good game...
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