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Delauvive, which resolution do you use to display the game ?
Because with hq2x everything upper than 640x480 did slowdown with winuae 1.4.6.
What's the name of the game ? I'm sure i can make it work perfectly with winuae 1.4.4 and winuae 1.4.6 hq2x.
For me toni can delete every filters now ! because d3d filters are ugly !
And the old version of filters are unusable now too slow and are displayed differently and old hq2x became less good.
I know that toni don't care about filters and that's why i said nothing anymore about it, i understant if he doesn't care he choose the easiest way to implement it : d3d hq2x and others , even if it's less good for the eyes but it's really faster than old hq2x.
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