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Re: Apidya II

Originally posted by Overdoc
I always thought this was just some crackers being fooled by this japan symbol in the middle, but now I noticed that the 'II' versions also display 'Audios' instead of 'Kaiko' at the beginning !
I think one might be beta and the other might be final. The original running under WHDLoad says A.U.D.I.O.S. And the crackers might have used the II so they would go like "HEY, this is a new game we cracked!"

There is just one game, Apidya II, we all read that the II was a joke or something, and no, both versions have the II in there Shatterhand. Play it anyway and shove us a review The difference is what Overdoc says, one displays A.U.D.I.O.S. at the beginning while the other displays KAIKO.

The symbol in the middle is not japanese, it's simply the roman symbol for two, II

Oh, and those "Apidya II" cracks never worked on my A600.. Shite cracks I'd say.

I'd say there's a possibility of the "II" versions having some different stuff if. as I presume, they are newer revisions than the others.
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