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Originally Posted by MagerValp View Post
I don't understand why you'd say that - in both cases they require several months of hard work, typically spread out over a year or two. And more limited hardware capabilities does not mean that it's easier, or less work, but instead requires you to do more with less.
Ehm, in fact right after that I wrote:
Originally Posted by lucadip View Post
(though it takes a long time on the c64 as well)

And I didn't mean that programming on the 64 is easy either, I probably didn't explain clearly enough what I meant writing "the amiga is more complex" (see my response to pmc for that).
I do love the C64 (I lurk on the cbm-hackers ml as well), it was my first computer and it surely is thanks to it that now I work as a software developer.
At the X-Party I had the chance to chat with Krill and look at his code and I know it's not easy at all to develop on the 64 (also based on some personal, remote experience).

Lookng forward to hearing your opinions!
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