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Originally posted by Djay
How about Turrican in a Tekken format...
polygon based character and backgrounds... the camera spins to create best view angle
Turrican consists of just one character, who's gonna fight or hero then?

And Tekken sucks Worst "fighting" game ever, down there with Dangerous Streets!

Eye of the Beholder might work, as any other 3Dish RPG converted onto proper RPG...

As I said many times I dont hate 3D as a rule, I just think a lot of genres are not suited for a 3D remake, and if you decide to do one, it better be bloody well layed out and designed, otherwise it ends up in a fuckup.

I'd like to see Test Drive I remade with proper 3D and gameplay maybe like that of Need for Speed 1 (more arcadey)
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