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Floppy disk

Your idea is to "transform" 3.1 into ClassicWB by installing stuff to make it more functional and better looking, right ? Sorry to say, it's a waste of time, and ultimately it won't work, because ClassicWB was streamlined and made by Bloodwych with the real thing in mind.

INMHO, your best bet is to try harder with ClassicWB, not LITE or FULL, but UAE. This or AmigaSYS, "preconfigured" means some steps have been taken by the author to ease your life (a bit like preinstalled Vista's on laptops), there's no point in trying to recreate the "look & feel" of those WB for the moment, especially if Amiga environment basics are still a mystery to you.

Others may retaliate after reading this, but to me, you're not sticking enough to the basics, and that's what 3.1 is about, "crude" Amiga bonanza.

For the record, that got me wanting to setup OS 3.9 as fast as I could. If you think you can trust your instinct for using those distros instead of reading tutorials and searching forums (which is entirely up to you), you definitely don't want to read a guide on how to setup 3.9 (although I found it a rewarding experience to do the upgrade by hand).

Oh, and for the sake of completeness, Amikit should be mentioned somewhere in that comment of mine, which I hope wasn't too distressful.

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