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2xSAI rules !

EDIT : I am reinserting better looking screenshots.
I had to rethink the way I grab those screens, after reading john4p excellent post on that matter.

I didn't want to create a new thread simply to discuss which would be my (and yours) favorite filter with the latest betas.

Apparently, some people favor the null filter, it's a good filter, albeit a bit conservative and INMHO the following screenshots speak for themselves as for 2xSAI being superior.

The mistake I had made with the previous screenshots is that Resolution was not to set to 16-bit (and LowRes for the + filter shots).

CPU usage is noticeably lower (under 35%), because I use ASIO4ALL (Cf. my other thread) along with beta 17, and a lower res. helps (wish I knew earlier ).

HQ2x would still be unusable, I don't mind it being removed eventually since the day I noticed 2xSAI was faster, better and more gentle with the sprites .

Here we go :

2xSAI filter on
The DMA Design logo is very neat. My favorite filter.

Null filter on. Minor enhancements compared to the original image, still a bit blurry. Probably the second best.

HQ2x filter on. not great... Too bad if you still like it anyway, since it will probably be discarded.

Now for the real thing (well, almost ) aka no filters.
Double line mode, @ 656x496
The ship does look completely different, almost "alien", how could it be ?
Certainly other differences to spot.

If you (Toni, any GM) think there's no point in discussing this after the huge thread "who wants...filters", this post can be moved after having PM'd me.

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