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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Just some random note, _EVERY_ game so far has extremely stupid dongle check code, no code obfuscation, not even any attempt of obfuscation, just read the io-port register and check the result immediately.

(ok, perhaps robocop3 or bat2, have the code "visible" only during the check and only emulation makes it possible to see the code so easily but at least I'd have expected separating read and check)
Hi Toni, should I ask you? I'll try... : do you think you could be able to decode the PowerCopy dongle-check routines? Or crack it 100%?
It seems very though. Galahad and StingRay tried it but couldn't get a 100% cracked release.
It has a disk-protection check and a dongle-protection check.
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