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@ lucadip - reread my post - I said in "in my opinion and from my experience". I didn't say you were wrong - if you disagree then that's entirely fair enough - each to their own as they say... Besides, good discussions are fun - if everyone had the same opinion it would be a dull world.

Originally Posted by lucadip
The programming model on the amiga is more complex simply because you have to cope with several components (blitter, copper and the other coprocessors)
Are those components difficult to use or are they actually quite easy to use and simplify certain tasks that otherwise might not be so easy? I think the latter. For example, filling polygons with the blitter on the Amiga versus coding an EOR filler routine on the C64.

Originally Posted by lucadip
Asm for the 6510 is way easier to learn and use than for the MC680x0: wanna compare the addressing modes on both?
In my experience one was no more difficult to learn than the other. Once learned, I personally find things like having more registers available and those powerful addressing modes actually make manipulating data easier. This is definitely just a matter of personal taste though.

Originally Posted by lucadip
I remember programming on the c64 like comfortable but hairy, whereas on the amiga I appreciate the elegance but respect the complexity.
If you've coded both have you got any cool routines to show us? - I always like seeing new code.
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