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There was also an old DOS PD game called Genocide which was basically Scorched earth in a 3D landscape
Genoicide sux as hell. I hated that game.

Anyway I wouldn't like to see such a travesty. Converting Turrican into a lara Crotch-like game is NOT nice.
I agree completely. Turrican would NOT WORK in 3D , and I wouldn't like to see it even in 2.5D. Leave the classic alone, please

In some respect 3D is a step forward for worms. Now they have made worms 2, worms armageddon and worms world party, and from what I can see there isn't a difference except more weapons. At least now they'll have to do something more about gameplay to integrate the 3rd dimension.
Simply, LEAVE THE GAME ALONE. Like you said, we already had Worms, Worms+, Worms 2, Worms Armageddon, Worms World Party. We already have ENOUGH worms games. No need to do 3D.

My opinion is that Worms is shit anyway
And you also supported England in World Cup...

Anyone knows Worms Blast? It has NOTHING to do with worms, just the name and the characters. It could be easilly called something else. $$$ always speaks louder..
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