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Originally Posted by lucadip
the amiga is way more evolved than the c64 and is therefore more complex to program than the c64.
In my opinion, and from my experience with coding on both platforms, that is not true at all.

As an example - you want to change the screen colour at a certain line:

On the Amiga - use the copper. Nice and easy. Bang. Done.

On the C64 - program a double interrupt (or some other stable raster method eg. sync to sprite) and use some clever timed nop trick to synchronise the video beam *exactly* to the processor cycles your code is using and then you can change the background colour and get a stable colour change.

There are many other examples, like opening the top and bottom and sideborders on C64 that also require cycle exact code. It's actually a real challenge to code on that machine.

I say, C64 demoscene coders:

EDIT: By the way, just so I don't offend anyone (hi Sting, hi Photon) I also say, Amiga demoscene coders:
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