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Originally Posted by Crown View Post
I am always astonished by the amount of releases that see the light on C64 vs our beloved Amiga.
It is of course true, independently of the contents of modern demos which changed noticeably on both platforms. I believe the amiga scene does not compare in quantity to the c64 one because of a couple of reasons:

- there is only one C64, except for some extetic changes. The only difference is the new sid chip producing a slight different sound from the older one, but apart from that, it is always the same computer and there is only _one_ way to develop on it. The amiga, being more flexible, has been produced in several different hw and os combinations, which fragmented the amiga community in smaller groups (or factions...).

- the amiga is way more evolved than the c64 and is therefore more complex to program than the c64. The time and the efforts required on the amiga to produce a modern, successful demo are incomparable to those required on the c64 (though it takes a long time on the c64 as well)

Of course, given my passion for the amiga, I would love to see even more demos being produced but, as StingRay clearly stated, the best way to accomplish that is to code demos myself, which my wife would not appreciate...

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