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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
'ello amigafan1200 and welcome to the delicious Amiga Boards of England
I always kind of thought of this place as the "English Language Amiga Board" more so than the "Amiga Board of England", but maybe that's just me.

In any case, WELCOME to our newest Aussie member! Our numbers grow, yet we're still further apart than half the guys in different European countries are from each other.

You may be happy to know we have our own Amiga hardware and software developers here, so getting new gadgets to pimp your Amigas won't be a problem! Check out for cool new hardware, or if you're interested in a trip across the country later in the month, there's the Syntax demo party

Well, I had better get back to my A600, I'm installing some USB devices on it
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