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Originally posted by Djay
i'm sorry i've used EAB in an un-friendly way...

... i'm not a nasty git or anything

i agree with his points in general, but who wouldn't, thats why i fail to be excited by this rather boring website...

i've check he's used MS html tag too.. LOL
I have quite enjoyed your opinions of the site. And actually, I agree with you on almost all of your points. The guy does have no originality (bloody Atari wanker, go figure). As for the MS tags...LOL!!! Good eye, that's all I gotta say! So I have altered my opinion of that page after hearing opposing commentary. I've always been open-minded!

Perhaps we should move this thread to somewhere else (my bad anyway) and then add our own unique rants! The first web site I ever made was called "The Site That Changes Its Name Every Day" and it had a page of rants (imagine a site of *MY* rants!!!) It was quite funny, even reading it now. And as y'all may know, I am ALWAYS in the mood for ranting!
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