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Looking back thru your log file, I see it can't open cybergraphics.library , so I assume you're using a native screenmode (Picasso96 adds a dummy cybergraphics for compatibility).
Could you try changing your screenmode to a P96 one and see if it works?

I'm beginning to think it's something stupid like not having enough free chip ram for MUI to create the interface.

Also, MUI can fail to create a window if the screen size is too small, although I've just checked and Remus does run OK under a native 640*256,8 bit screen.

Edit: Brainfart*#2.. You said you're running WinUAE with the A1200 quickstart config.
It's most likely a lack of memory, could you try loading the A1200 config, then add a couple of MB of fast ram to see if that fixes it?
(From memory, it needs ~180KB for the OS to load Remus +512KB for a ROM image + whatever MUI needs to create the interface)

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