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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
that looks like a PC update - check here for details and be sure to download the demo or at least check the game screens & clip... it looks pretty good - I must ask Ben Wright if he had anything to do with it or if he even knows anything about it...

I tried it a bit (went to sector 14 or 15).
It is a bit different from Scavenger 2, although a link between the two of them would not surprise me (among other things, you need to collect some "gems" which are called key orbs here, to open the exit of each sector!).

The PC game is (if you enable gravity and/or fuel limit) very close to the cave flyer family of games (like Thrust, Zarathrusta or Super Stardust volunteer bonus missions, but with shooting involved here).
Rather good shall I say. A bit "common" in the beginning but when you start to find secret passages, be familiar with the different pickups, meet various kind of enemies/traps and that the story develops, it becomes quite interesting.

You are only told after a while as a tip, but you can use the keyboard for the thrusters, notably lateral ones (WASD), shooting (keys around there) and rotating (cursor keys), in case you don't want to use the mouse.

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