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Games where you blow the crap out of stuff...

I've recently wanted to blow the crap out of some stuff, without thinking too much about it.

Been playing Geometry Wars: Galaxies on my Wii, which I love.

As well as the odd game of Robokill, which is a fantastic flash game which I've previously mentioned in the Off Topic Section.

I don't mind a little bit of story and have enjoyed games like "Future Cop: LAPD" and the strike series, as well as both Mech Assault games on the xbox.

I was wondering if anyone else knew of some new (and maybe old) games which have a bit of that old-school mentality (plus some blowing stuff up).

I'm not too interested in anything on the PC but anything Wii/360 or stuff for the MD/SNES/Amiga (anything I can emulate on my old xbox) would be cool.

Another game which springs to mind is Millennium Soldier: Expendable (not the best game ever but great for a laugh and some shooting.

EDIT: oh and Zero Gunner 2 on the Dreamcast, that was superb.

EDIT 2: Must give Battle Tech on the Megadrive a go. Remember playing it briefly and it looked/felt good.

EDIT 3: Ranger-X is awesome.

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