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The scene here sucked back then and it sucks right now. I know quite a bunch of Amiga fanatics and of those, only two are decent, the rest are bullshitting morons who tell you that they have to properly cool their Amigas because the dual 1800Mhz G4 inside heats up quite a bunch, and "please be quiet I am talking with Dino Dini in the phone"! (I mean it, I heard this here!)

Anyway, I hate them all...

My country is Argentina (*blerghh*, you can put Japan though )

I own:

1xA600HD (2MB Chip 30MB HD )
1xA1200 (030@50 2MB Chip 32MB Fast 1GB HD)

I think the UK's gonna win here, but I'd say Germany's got the biggest Amiga user/fanatic base. Or at least it would be a close call between Germany and the UK.
Germany was great for Commodores, the C64's best selling year was 1992! I bet most people have switched to 16bit by then

Anyway, chalk up Argentina's only entry.
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