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Based on the above log I installed OpenURL, too. Now it seems that it gets a little further. It fails with rexxsyslib.library which seems to be too old (I have version 36.23). What puzzles me is that screennotify.library cannot be found - shouldn't that be part of OS 3.1? I guess that's why there's no popup telling us what the problem is.

I got hold of screennotify.library (which was kinda tricky) but still no joy. But I found something that points to a (Win)UAE bug. This is from the E-UAE changelog:
UAE 0.8.22-20040106 released

This corrects a bug in the opening of system libraries on the AmigaOS version which was causing UAE to unnecessarily try to open v37 of rexxsyslib.library (which most people won't have).

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