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I love some J-RPGs, that is if Zelda fits the genre. I've played a few on the SNES and Mega Drive, and although I love the exploring, questing and in-depth stories of some of these games, I lose interest once I encounter an enemy and it switches to turn-based combat. I liked killing enemies with a sword, like in Zelda or Beyond Oasis. I've tried Final Fantasy XII but really didn't like it. Turn-based combat just bores me to tears (although I enjoy chess).

I've wanted to make a game like Beyond Oasis for the Amiga for many years. If you use the Copper to move your playfield around it should leave the Blitter free to move around quite a few decent sized BOBs, and use sprites for the Heads-Up Display stuff. OCS Amigas were built to do these things well, but never really had much of a chance to show it. It wouldn't be too hard to do up some graphics for a game like this pretty quickly provided you're okay with a cartoony/anime style. Multi-track MODs would be perfect for music that changes depending on the situation, like enemy encounters and victory jingles.

I think you'll find a few other Amiga users have been wanting to make a game like this in recent years, but no one has really started anything as far as I know.

I wonder if the guys making Pier Solar would be interested in an Amiga port. There's a game that already has a full story, characters, level maps, events and everything already planned out and nearly completed.
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