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Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
@ Toni

I updated to the Zone the adf dumps of these two original programs of mine:

- Logistix v1.12A (IT)
- Superbase Personal v1.0 (IT)
(they use the same dongle)

Could you perhaps (when you have time etc.) disassembly the dongle check routines, as you did before for some of the games ?
I would be grateful, since so I wouldn't have to dismantle my dongle...
Could you measure resistance between pins 5 and 7 and pins 9 and 7?

Dongle code reads both POT1X and POT1Y values, does simple calculation, result must be between 12 and 33.

I think the formula is POT1X * 10 / POT1Y, I am not yet sure because routines used for multiplication and division are some complex 32-bit versions, program is clearly written in some high-level compiled language, most likely C)

Also second firebutton/right mouse button signal must be high.

EDIT: formula is confirmed correct. (still need resistor values)

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