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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
So you took a screenshot with 800x600 and the result is 640x480.
Sorry, I meant I consider 800x600 being still a "normal" display of the ClassicWB, and 640x480 from the screenshot, the "desired by Kitty mode" (If I dig it all correctly). Lower border would not be visible on my TFT, which ideal resolution is 1600x1200. May be 800x600 would suffice when using 1280x1024. What's the point of trying to achieve this anyway ?

As for these black borders, it's a case of making a round object fill in a square hole. As with widescreen movies not fitting exactly TFT 16/10 display, the ratio used for standard PC resolution is different than the one used in an actual Amiga monitor AFAIK.

I myself wouldn't tamper with the image proportions when emulating (may be disabling "keep aspect ratio" in filters could be a starting point for someone willing his games to be displayed in "total full-screen").
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