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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
You can't get what Kitty tries to achieve and how it's done.
If you mean reproducing the bug, no I can't reproduce it, neither can you, apparently...

Like R-N and you now, I suggested kitty to discard her current config. and use the A1200 QuickConfig one (with HDD manually reset) as the default one, the fact that it comes from me makes it misleading 'guidance' ?

Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
regarding the screen mode settings and filter
Well, I don't think it's very useful for the moment to suggest a filter if the display is broken on the PC side, which both the glitches that can be seen on the inferior border and the erratic FPS give a blatant indication of.

To me, switching to any filter or to any preconfigured WB won't improve the way WB is displayed if no other action is taken (not talking about eye-candy of course), be its window stretched via overscan, full-size or whatever". If you want to dismiss this as wrong info as well, it makes it more understandable, at least for me, if you go into detailed explanations while doing so.

My point is that being able to choose from various ScreenModes may help in "debugging" gfx glitches, but it's not the route being taken, so be it.

I suggest staying put on this discussion until kitty reports on the success of failure to display the WB properly, be it 3.1 or ClassicWB.

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