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Would anyone be even remotely interested in a J-RPG game on Amiga?

As I really dig into ASM coding I should note - one of the main reasons I started this journey was to try and eventually make something along the lines of the Final Fantasy/Phantasy Star type console RPGs. Being a long-standing favorite genre of mine of course I'd want to throw my hat in the ring (hopefully conning a few talented friends to join the ride...)

As both the Genesis and Amiga have M68K cores it's not too hard to imagine porting from one to the other, as both systems are my favorites. However getting Genesis/MD folks into a new J-RPG is easy.

What about the Amiga folks though? Even as a late homebrew afterthought would anyone even be interested in this type of game? I hear a lot of slagging of the japanese style RPGs when I see talk of the great computer RPGs like Eye of the Beholder or Ambermoon... am I proposing something heretical or would it even have a chance?

Obviously not looking for monetary success - just 'people playing a freely distributed game' type of success.
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