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Good morning Amiga fans!

Just noticed this hello area, and I better just say hi!

I am bit of gaming nut approaching my 30s, so I grew up with the Amiga after the ZX Spectrum as a starter. I had a trusty A500+ which I still have in a bag in the loft. Recently I have got bored of the Xbox 360 and wanted to go "Back to the Future"; for some classics like Cannon Fodder, Sensi, Legends of Valour, Lemmings and Dreamweb. I have a good collection of old computers/consoles and among them a slightly broken A1200 and a tasty no-yellow A600.

So I am now setting up my A600 with a IDE CF for Whdload goodness. Whilst waiting for my adaptor I have been playing on the PC WinUAE but its not the same! So I can't wait to get this A600 running on my LCD TV in the lounge.

Anyway great forum here love the fact that old scene members are here, and I hope to become a regular over time. I have stacks of magazines from 1991-95, cover disks, Amiga Format subscribers disks and games that may or may not be rare so will be good to see if I can help out.

Anyone else here love Zipstick joysticks? I was so pleased to see that I had two still in the loft.

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