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Originally Posted by Deleauvive View Post
Well, the point is not you or R-N achieving this (with ClassicWB, I presume), it's kitty achieving it with WB 3.1, from which apparently you're having him shift away, to use ClassicWB.
It's really sad that you can get what Kitty tries to achieve and how it's done. You're posting OT info (which isn't wrong per se) and when pointed at that you do, you simply deny it and rant about. You gave wrong information in this thread regarding the screen mode settings and filter (like you do most of the time). Also I'm not 'shifting away' anyone to use ClassicWB, Kitty asked about it. Kitty is new to Amiga emulation and surely it's a kida steep learning curve if you want to do it right. I'm really not sure if you are the right 'guide' if you continue to post your besides the point and wrong info.

About the config : Choose 2 MB Chip and 16 or 32 MB Z3 fast (not the other way around ). Still don't have the garbage at the bottom of the screen when switching back and forth. Maybe you want to update your DirectX? Oh and for the filter : Try setting 'Bilinear 32 bit'

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