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Well, the point is not you or R-N achieving this (with ClassicWB, I presume), it's kitty achieving it with WB 3.1, from which apparently you're having him shift away, to use ClassicWB.

Of course, it might be the best thing for him to do, but quite frankly I don't think the documentation and utilities I pointed to were that worthless.

"I can't follow that tutorial" and "I will have to give up on that" aren't part of my philosophy, especially with such basic, essential knowledge as screen modes and getting one's WB RTG'd (you're well aware the majority of WinUAE users which are using preconfigured WB's gave up on the initial screenmodes, PAL HiRes laced and such, aren't you).

I am quite sure you couldn't improve your own technical experience if you had always followed the route "ah, that seems easier to grab, so let's do it this way instead".

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