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It may sound a bit like blowin' in the wind, but anyway :

I'll assume you have a TFT flat screen, which resolution can go up to 1024x768.
  1. Do yourself a favor first, and install Picasso96, update the rtg.library with the latest available on Aminet, place it into the WB system, under Libs\Picasso96
  2. In WB prefs, set the screen mode to 1024X768 via uaegfx (don't ever try to do this with PicassoMode, look for ScreenMode instead). Yes, you now have an "Amiga graphic card driver", ideally suited for changing screen modes from within the WB (needs some Fast RAM and some RTG memory, 32MB should do)
  3. restart the emu.
  4. Now in WinUAE, before loading the WB again, set your prefs in the Display tab, for example : full screen to 1024x768 16-bit, and window to the value I gave you last time

The advantage of that is the WB won't have to "guess" the resolution on the host PC to fill the available screen space in full-screen mode.
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