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Both files are up. While i'm here, i want to ask if anyone else tried the R3 package that was uploaded. It is the full version i think, i've played it before a long time ago in AIAB10.x but now i'm running the latest AmiKIT setup and it doesn't seem to work. I know there is nothing wrong with the archive so its got to be AmiKIT settings. I'm very new to AmiKIT and don't really know how to mess with its settings etc. I got a blank screen and had to press F12 and reset.

Further to this, i tried to add an assign to the startup-sequence (yes, i know i shouldhave used the user-startup) and by using Wordpad it broke AmiKIT completely. I had to reinstall and edit the user-startup from within the emulation. I think its to do with the carriage returns and how windows handles them when resaving the file. Anyway, i got that sorted and added the assign to make Poing load without an error Damn i don't remember Poing being this hard. Are my responses slowing with age ?

Well... Anyone got any tips for me for R3 in AmiKIT ? Cheers.
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