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Amiga Worldwide Phenomenon - International Battle

On a different subject in a different forum, I posted a Worldwide Phenomenon thread that proved to be extremely popular. So today I thought what the hell, let's have some fun and get it going elsewhere because if there’s one thing the Amiga is, it’s a Worldwide Phenomenon!

The Amiga Worldwide Phenomenon describes perfectly the profound affect this machine has had in the hearts and minds of millions. People from many different nationalities enjoy/enjoyed being a part of a truly amazing scene - one that still has a following and strong user-base even today.

But out of all these nations, which one is THE Amiga Capital?

Which country can claim to have the most dedicated user base and the biggest collection of Amiga systems?

What country is the Amiga Daddy?

Well it’s time to find out EAB brothers in the first ever International Battle of the Amiga’s!

Post your nationality and number of Amiga systems. I’ll then form a leaderboard of the competing nations fighting it out for top spot.

Here are the rules:

1) In order to keep UK members happy, I’ll separate us into England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland/N.Ireland.

2) Only 1 Amiga user vote will be counted per EAB member, but multiple systems owned by that member may be listed.

3) The leaderboard will be decided on the greatest number of owners first and systems after.

4) All rules are subject to change at any time at Bloodwych’s discretion.

Ok, let the international rivalry begin!

In order to get things rolling, I’ll go first:

Chalk one vote down for good old England – the greatest Amiga country on the planet!

Systems in use – 1 x A1200




England 1 1

YES! England are the current leaders! We are the greatest!
One nil to the England, one nil……..*Bloodwych continues singing celebratory songs*

Forget about the world cup, this is the only trophy worth winning! Support your country – get posting NOW!
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