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RE: Plat-Man

hitm4n - have you read the comments about the game on Lemon Amiga here - you may have to scroll down the page a bit to find Plat-Man - if you read the text on the comments section of the game you will see that the author (chizzer) states...

chizzer - 2007-12-05
I made the game for "The One Amiga" magazine. It was never really finished and it was rushed due to the mag wanting the game for their next edition.

I did write the full version that featured jetset willy, manic miner and monty mole levels, but I'm unsure if I still have the disk.

If I find it, I'll re-post.

Thanks a lot to everyone who played it, I'm really chuffed with that.

It doesn't look like he has ever posted back and this post is from 2007... I will leave a message for him at Lemon asking him about his full version of the game and see if he comes back to me - I will update here if I hear anything... I don't think that anyone other than the author himself would have a full version by the sound of it...

"The One" Issue mentioned is Issue 80 (May 1995) Click Here
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