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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Europe was focused on computer games. The SMS had a little success, the NES was pretty obsolete here. The 8-bit computers dominated the market at that time. Starting with the Mega Drive release the market moved slowly in the console direction.
Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Yes, I would agree. With hindsight, that seems to have been the turning point.
The problem was rather with the target groups.

The NES was hugely successful mainly at the young age groups (both boys and girls). You had to be at least a (male) teenager to use an Amiga or any other advanced computer system properly. And definitely not only for games. Besides which 8-year old would patiently wait for a disk to load without pulling it out and reinserting it?

It is just that at the time the Amiga was beginning to show its full potential for game development, the Japanese companies caught on and expanded the console market to other age groups.

Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
I really find the second quote much more appropiate for the simple reason that 'better' is always very much a subjective thing. Look at the tags btw
you are right. but there isnt such a word as "totally objective" or "totally subjective". It is a mixture of both. "more successful" would be a better term. the fact is that outsourcing games to Japan multimedia giants was no match for small studios. Or the opposite, Japan sending games abroad with the appropriate marketing and modifying those for Western standards. At that time same things occurred with cartoons too. Of course it is easy to say things now. Damals verstanden wir nur Bahnhof...
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