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Cheers Peter. Well here goes. No nonsense...

Platman. Simple but superb little platformer collectemup, with pacman as the main chappy. Good room design, fast smooth gameplay, but limited to 50 rooms in demo.

R3 - The Art of Rocketry. A fantastic Thrust type game, 2 player support, doors, keys, switches, cargo, fans, magnets, lasers, teleports, shooty thrusty goodness.

Alien Bash II - Chaos Engine on the cheap. But still ace.

Finally, one i forgot the title of. Its definately PD or Shareware, was a Dune II / Mega Lo Mania / Sim City / Millenium 2.2 style game. Building a colony, fighting wars etc. Came late in the amigas life.

Heres hoping
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