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Originally Posted by radon_22 View Post
Bingo. You hit two points that it seem everyone who gets in this discussion forgets:

1) Japannese programmers had a much different approach to games than European ones. Even in side-scrollers SMUPS, there's a distinct different feel based on where it was made. It's not really that one was better than the other, it's just that the approach was different.
That is what the creators of Apidya had in mind

In the early 1990s, a new software company was founded in Germany. It was called Kaiko and sported Chris Hülsbeck, the composer of many great and memorable game soundtracks (including those of the Turrican games), as its most famous member. Kaiko set out on a mission which was very unusual for a European company, at least at that time: To give their software the special look and feel only games of Japanese origin used to have. Remember that this happened at a time when anime-style graphics were virtually unknown in the west and were just starting to gain a little popularity among those who imported games for their Mega Drives and PC-Engines.

Kaiko succeeded well in accomplishing their task. If you wouldn't know better, you'd bet that the three official Kaiko releases (the cute puzzlers "Gem'X" and "Super Gem'Z" and, of course, the shmup "Apidya") were conversions of japanese arcade games. Only they weren't. They all were original developments. This being, Apidya naturally interests us the most, so let's talk about it a bit.

First a few words on the title screen. In addition to the game's name we can see a big "II" there. This has caused quite a lot of confusion back in the day. Rumours went that Apidya was actually the sequel to a mysterious unknown Japanese shooter.
Well, to stop those rumours once and for all: According to an interview with Mr. Hülsbeck, the purpose of putting in the "II" was to actually cause that kind of confusion. This game is not called "Apidya II", nor is there a predecessor. Sadly, Apidya is the only one of its kind.

But what a game it is. It's really on par with any of the best Japanese shmups of that time and shows what amazing stuff you could do when you knew how to use the Amiga's abilities properly.
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