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Well when the NES and Master System came and a few years later the Mega Drive and the Famicom, marketing played a huge part in promoting such titles

Of course I too finished all Mario games on the NES and Castlevania 3 and certainly no Amiga game could have reached such a quality like Konami games.

It is not that the Amiga had bad games per se, it is just that the Japanese games were so much better.

But it was also due to the fact of the clash of different game cultures at that time. The Japanese proved to be more innovative regarding the platform genre in the game consoles. They even had success with the Sharp x68000 when they ported arcade games to the home market.

But truth be told, I had difficulty searching and remembering my two favourite platformers: Mike the Magic Dragon and Warlock's Quest. Just a few people made those games, while many more were involved in developing and promoting the NES titles.
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