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Hallo to the members of the forum and to fellow retro and amiga afficionados.

My name is Petros, 30 years old and from Greece. The 80s and early 90s were definitely the best decades for gaming, at least regarding gameplay in all platforms, where you didnt need to get so hyperactive and press 12 buttons and push three joysticks to have mastered a game.

Nowadays keyboards replace pencils and the thumb generation arises.

My first introduction to the Amiga was in the late 80s in Germany, when the expensive Amiga 2000 came out. I myself never owned one but spent some time when I visited friends. Games, applications, interface were far above the rest of the computers but for anyone wanting to do just his job back then ( eg I liked astronomy applications), any machine would have sufficed since systems were more minimalistic back then.
Whereas now they have so many features that one becomes insatiable.The irony is that for old game consoles emulation too you must have a very fast computer .

Regarding games I feel a little torn between Atari 2600, NES, MS-DOS and Amiga so each has its own share. Advantage (disadvantage for the developers) with MS-DOS and Amiga of course was that you could play commercial games for free but this is another subject.

I'll post here from time to time, though I prefer reading forums rather than typing.
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