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While you have all been playing Scavenger 2 and considering what comments to make about it here... I have been in contact with another author, Ben James - author of Psycheual.

I wrote to Ben and he has emailed me... although, as is often the case he does not have a copy of his game there is still hope of retrieving a full version possibly...

Hi Peter,

Mucho thanks for your letter regarding my old Amiga game, I'm surprised anyone remembers it! Sadly I sold all my Amiga gear years ago and didn't think to keep a copy of my game--rather silly of me, I hadn't anticipated a revival in old Amiga PD. I do, however, still have details of everyone who bought the full game so I'll attempt to contact some of them and see if they still have their copies.. this was nearly 15 years ago though, but we might get lucky!

Will let you know if I hear anything back

Thanks again


I will of course update the thread when I hear back from Ben - I have asked Ben (and other authors I have contacted) to come and join the EAB Forum - lets hope that some interest in their games just may tempt them back into the Amiga scene...
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