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Easy there, Djay!

I don't think this bloke's a nut, myself. I too agree with much of what he says, as it is logical enough. Good things make you feel good, bad things piss you off. Cynical people mess the world up. Yup, OK.

My complaints: the points are too succinct. More depth and explanation would make them more thought-provoking. He is also a touch condescending with regard to 'third world countries', perhaps, but I'm sure his heart is in the right place.

Amateur psychologist hat on: I find it interesting that, although many of his likes and dislikes touch upon the idea of conformity and his contempt for it, the lists are both neatly ordered into ten. Why not eleven?

Final word: although I agree with some of his opinions, I am not tempted to click Sex Tips & Links. Yeesh.
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