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at last I successfully dismantled the dongle of Italy '90 Soccer .
First I had to crack it open to reach the internal solid block of resin.
Then I tried many kind of solvents on a sample piece of that resin: alcohol, acetone, "acquaragia", "trielina".
That resin was a very tough one: hard as rock!
I discovered that only trielina could soften it. So I:
- 1) submersed the resin in trielina for some hours
- 2) took out with a little screwdriver (used as a scalpel) a small layer of resin
- again 1)
and so on for many times.
At the end I forced the remaining "little" (but fu*king hard) block of resin with screwdrivers and took out the last pieces using all my patience and strength.
Unfortunately, during the process, I broke in half a component (a resistor).
However, I went on so to fully see what was inside that damned black resin.

I found out this:
- the dongle has only 1 component, very simple: a 220Kohm, +/-5% resistor (I had to patiently clean the resin from it without erasing too much the color bands, so that I could see them). Its color bands are RED, RED, YELLOW, GOLD.
- the resistor is connected to pin 5 and 7 of the DB9 Joystick plug.

@ Toni:

Do you think it would/will be simple to emulate this dongle's presence in WinUAE?
With a selectable hardware option, maybe.

I'll soon do the same with the Logistix/SuperBase dongle.

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