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Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
Originally Posted by alexh View Post
The ARM boards sell for roughly 4x the price of a second hand A600
Thats not true I have pre-ordered an Arm Controller for 55 euros, how much is your idea of an Amiga 600???
I bought mine for about 18 euro. I've seen them sell for less.

Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
New firmware has recently been released and fixed many problems, more firmware releases will only make the minimig better.
I have the latest firmware, still has issues. And it only has two active developers, one of which has splintered off from the main branch. Because it is open source it has the potential to get better, but all it would take is for Jakub to get bored for it to fester for years in it's current state.

What MiniMig needs is a large company to mass produce FPGA based game consoles (perhaps for some other purpose) which can be re-used for MiniMig. To lower the cost of the hardware. If that happens it could have a great future.
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