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At roughly 3x the price of a second hand A600!
Thats not true I have pre-ordered an Arm Controller for 55 euros, how much is your idea of an Amiga 600???

(And don't forget some of that RAM is used for the Kickstart 0.5meg or 0.25meg)
4meg ram upgrade will help a lot

Oh, and quite a few demos and games on MiniMig have corruption due to incorrect FPGA code.
New firmware has recently been released and fixed many problems, more firmware releases will only make the minimig better.
Remember Minimig is not competition for the Amiga 500, its an addition to the Amiga Community as a new Amiga sytem/enviroment, gadget, toy or whatever you wish to call it! For me its an Amiga 500 replacement, as my Amiga 500 is yellowed, dead and RIP in the loft.
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