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Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
Apparantly you can run WHDLoad Demo's from it
Not without an ARM board to replace the PIC you cannot because there is no HDD support without one. The ARM boards sell for roughly 4x the price of a second hand A600

Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
I've yet to try this, waiting to buy the WHDLoad Key) also theres an option now to upgrade the memory from 2meg to 4meg (at a price of course!)
At roughly 3x the price of a second hand A600! (And don't forget some of that RAM is used for the Kickstart 0.5meg or 0.25meg)

If you include the purchase price of the MiniMig then add the ARM board & the RAM you could probably have bought an A1200 + RAM card + Indivision A1200 scandoubler.

Oh, and quite a few demos and games on MiniMig have corruption due to incorrect FPGA code.

MiniMig will be great once the price of general purpose media FPGA boards come down. It's legacy is that it is open-source and re-usable.

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