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Minimig is a recreation of the Amiga computer in an FPGA.
It currently runs an Amiga 500 core and Kickstart from 1.2 up to 3.1, unfortuantly its not AGA but that could be possible with upgrades added at a later date.
Minimig requires a Valid Kickstart Image to boot a mini menu on screen in which you load adf's from SD Card much like you do WinUAE.
When Minimig was first released to the public, it played a good amount of Amiga 500 games, obviously there were some floors in some games (graphics glitches etc, much like the early releases of WinUAE had, but like WinUAE it has progressed over time and firmware updates have made it into pretty much a perfect recreation of an Amiga 500 running pretty much now any Amiga adf game/demo/app. Kickstart Image and ADF files and Firmware are all stored on the SD Card, and the Minimig now supports cards up to 4GB.
A few Arm Controller Boards have been made and released to preorder customers. This addon allows the Minimig 4 floppy drives, hdf support, safe overclocking, multikickstart support and many other interesting extras

Minimig is no bigger in size than a cd case, also please remember that Minimig isnt emulation running on a chip, its not an emulator, everything has been made from scratch without using obviously any Amiga patents to make it a legal open source project.
Minimig supports 2 x Amiga joysticks, pc speaker port for sound, a regualr ps2 keyboard & mouse.
Video output is VGA but you can buy a VGA to Scart adaptor from Amigakit.

Explained simply, its awesome!

Minimig Links

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