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Hmm, that reminds me...

Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
Top Secret Multiplayer Party Game

Description: A game where the aim is to wipe out all other opponents through a series of several arenas.
Gameplay: Compete with up to five players using various selectable control methods, including four-player adapter support.
Chipset: OCS
OS: OS1.0+
Game Type: Commercial
Help Needed: Pixel artists required for creating map tiles and small sprites, and title screen graphics. Sound effects required, and musician for title screen.
Additional: Game is still top secret, but anyone interested in helping will be brought into the loop.
Contact: Email us at - undergroundarcadeATgmailDOTcom
It's not that top secret now - this is my game, an enhanced version of my game Tank Wars that I released a few years ago. The majority of the game is already done but I'm back on the hunt for artists and sound-effecters so if anybody would like to help give this a final push please PM or email me and I'll get some details your way later on this evening.

Might start a thread on this soon...
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